Magma Photovoltaics is a brand owned by Fancy Fittings Ltd.

MNP Series

MNP Series MNP Series NON-POTTING JUNCTION BOX   Overview MAGMA Non-Potting junction box is a high-quality junction box with IP 68 protection for maximum protection against the environment. The diodes are soldered and provide very good contact resistance for good flow of electricity. The magma QR code provides essential details like technical specification and date […]

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Welcome to Magma Photovoltaics

Magma Photovoltaics was launched in the year 2017 as a provider of high quality Solar PV (Photovoltaics) accessories. This initiative adopted the “Make in India” philosophy proclaimed by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as a contribution of Indian manufacturing to the enhancement of the Global PV Industry.

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